Our wedding party

Lindsey's attendants
  • Amanda Paben, Matron Of Honor
    Amanda is the big sister of the bride. Lindsey always admired Amanda and had a desire to be just like her when she was growing up. She attends grad school out in Chicago with hopes of becoming a play therapist in the future. She married Todd Paben last August, so she's a great sounding board and advice giver for all of Lindsey's wedding questions. Manda (and her husband) have a strong passion for the Lord and for worship, which is something Lindsey admires the most about her.
  • Olivia Holt, Bridesmaid
    Olivia is Lindsey's best friend. She is a junior at Northwestern and stays very busy with being an RA and a Spanish and Translation double major. As a freshman, Olivia got put in a room next door to Lindsey. The two formed a one in a million friendship after a really great conversation a little later into the semester. Ever since then, it's like they knew each other their whole lives. With Tyler, the three call themselves the tricycle, so she has a special place in Tyler's heart too. The thing Lindsey admires most about Olivia is her heart for missions and caring for people of all sorts.
  • Mandy Klyn, Bridesmaid
    Mandy is a sister-in-law of the groom. She is married to Chad and lives in Pella. She loves her dog, Wrigley, almost as much as she loves Chad. She coaches the girls soccer team at Pella Christian and helps serve lunch in the cafeteria. Mandy is the crafty Klyn and has already come in handy with making decorations for the wedding! Lindsey loves that she'll have a sister who loves crafting as much as she does. Mandy has a contagious laugh and is always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • Jamie Klyn, Bridesmaid
    Jamie is a sister-in-law of the groom. She's a wonder mamma with four kids within four years! Not to mention she's married to Ryan who's a handful on his own :) Their family of 6 lives in Oskaloosa. Jamie works mostly as a mom but also does some work as a PA. Jamie is one of the most carefree, easy going people you'll ever meet and is so easy to talk to. She has a heart of gold and made Lindsey feel immediately welcomed into the Klyn family.
  • Jodi Klyn, Bridesmaid
    Jodi's a sister-in-law of the groom. She's also a supermom with her own three bubbly kids! Jodi attended Trinity Christian College (same school as Lindsey's siblings) and graduated with an education degree. She still resides in Chicago with her husband Jeremy. They recently moved out of their condo into a house that's much more suited for their growing family! Jodi, like Lindsey, loves coupons and finding a good deal, and Lindsey loves that about her!
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